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February 15-16

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Just in Time for Valentine's
Join us for the Love of Laughter
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Fee: $295
Class Times:
Sat: 9am-5pm & Sun: 9am-5pm

Chicago O'Hare
(exact location sent to fully registered participants)

"As a professional coach, I came to this experience to learn ways to help my clients lighten up and be willing to take a few more risks. What I found was nothing short of amazing and I thank Lynda for providing a safe place for me to discover that it was I that had to feel the joyfulness. I know now that those I will help will be a happy reflection of my own experiences. Thank you Lynda for going above and beyond and seeing past my thick skull into my heart. You were so right...there is a tremendous power in laughter."
Michael D., Ohio

Change your life and your laugh in this certification training. It is open to those who want to find a deeper connection with themselves, those that want to see where they stand as a "Leader of Self" and a "Leader of Others" and for those that want to make a difference in the world by adding more joy to it. What ever your reason.... this is the laugh of your life!
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Who Takes this Certification Workshop?

Everyone Benefits from Laughter...

Corporations Sales- Staff -Support - CEO's- Retreats - Growth Workshops - Team Building - Outreach - Project Development
Organization Staff - Staff -Depts - Teams Volunteers - Community outreach - Development
Schools - College to PreSchool - Teachers - Staff - Students - Volunteers - Parents - Anti Bullying - Stress Relief - Survive to Thrive
Seniors - Senior centers to assisted living programs - Staff Development - Recreation - Team building - Stress relief
Communities- Organizations - Families - Staff -City workers - Project Development - Healthy Initiatives/Alternatives to stress - Community Collaboration
Medical Communities- Staff - Support - Patients - Families - Complimentary therapy
Community building - Heart Wellness -
Stress Relief - Therapeutic - Mental/Emotional Development

Care Communities -
Cancer - Support/Staff/Families - Alzheimers
Patients/Staff/Family Care Groups
Groups- Clubs - Organizations - Social - Families - Special Events - Retreats - Development
Individuals- Families - Retreats - Reunions
Personal Development - Stress Relief - Therapeutic - Joy Builders - Personal focus

Laughter can benefit everyone

Want to develop a program for your organization...Contact us

Laughter can make a difference for every group and every individual. When practiced for at least 15 minutes the heart rate rises to produce the effectiveness of physical exercise for the body and mind.

Laughter Exercises...

can lower blood pressure
. can produce pain relief

. can relax the muscles
can boost the immune system
adds oxygen to the body
increases energy levels
creates a better disposition
reduces stress and tension

builds confidence
helps to develop proactive attitudes
enhances effective performance
creates more efficient communication

develops the sense of humor
. develops a sense of playfulness
creates more efficient communication
develops collaboration in groups
builds team efforts
eliminates conflicts in groups
is a cost effective practice to develop
is easy to do and open to everyone
can demonstrate immediate positive results

World Peace Through Laughter
One Laugh at a Time

Upcoming Laughter
and Fun

Southern Fried Laughter
May 17-18
Atlanta, GA


Set up your Wizzdom Game Experience Today...

60-90 Minute Taste experiences
3 Hour Workshops
Full Day Wizzdom Workshop
Weekend Wizzdom Immersion
Wizzdom Retreats

Wizzdom Guide Training
For those who wish to share the experience with others and change the world one game at a time







Laughter & Life Presentations for your organization

Everyone Benefits with Laughter!
Choose from our variety of Laughter Programs

Laughter Workshops
Half day, two day or weekend opportunities for your group or organization to develop some great healthy and happy habits that benefit the individual and the organization! This is diving into create some amazing awareness and establishing some great new strategies that are easy to implement. Plan on some happy life change!

Laughter Presentations
Enjoy interactive ideas, tips and techniques that will stimulate any organization to rethink their serious nature and discover more effective and efficient ways to do the same things. We'll get cheeky with you and you will love that about us!

Laughter Group Sessions
Get any group on the same page, working together and really enjoying the differences in others. This is all about regular interactions that make change lighter and lasting and easy to do for all. Offering regular weekly sessions to uplift and exercise a joyful work life balance that benefits everyone's bottom line.

Laughter Coaching - Team Building
Open to corporations, communities, groups, teachers, families and more. Want to see your productivity move from merely surviving it all to thriving and having a ball! This is where Follow the Laughter has a decided edge, with a former leadership director in charge and a professional coach, adding the fullness of joy through the vehicle of laughter leaves no grouch left behind... making change a way of life and loving it

Certified Laughter Trainings
Change your laugh... change your life, this is two days of laughing and learning that will assure that no one goes home in the same package they came in... you will be too full and rich with the possibilities of what it is like to really be you! Woohoo!
Take your staff, department,organization or family on a laughter retreat and watch how we adjust this experience to fit you and yours!

Advanced Courses for Laughter Leaders
After the Laughter Learning for professionals...
Once you have learned the basics with all the variety of tips and techniques... discover the things that keep change changed in joyful ways.

Ask for a Joy Audit
Release the stress and Increase the performance for any organization. Call us in to take a long look over your organization, group or community and receive our practical and easy ideas that can create change in joyful ways for better days... that everyone can benefit by!

Laughter programs are for every organization, group, community or family who values unity in their community. All brought together in a harmonious and happy way. We are the change the world wants!

Your Next Step...

The Wizzdom Game
The simple act of playing games reveals more of your inner natural wisdom. In playing this game that appeals as much to the board room as it does to the classroom and family room, the opportunity to change your world exists.

Currently there are a multitude of programs that offer to change your life, though at Follow the Laughter there are only two that we fully endorse, one is laughter to remind you that you were meant to be joyful and the other is Wizzdom because we know all about common sense though to often we wish we could tap into that vast resovoir of potential that we know we all have.

Invite a game into your life...
Watch out for the subtle changes

Change is affected best by the subtle methodical practice with consistency. Our workshops let you leap into awareness though it is the practice and the consistency that makes for lasting change.

Invented 20 years ago originally as a way to build relationships, its 32 activities have been found to heighten awareness, develop sensory perception, build a more productive emotional response and allow us to trust ourselves more and trust those around us. This game is for everyone who wants to be more effective or efficient because it taps into that small percentage of brain potential and turns it on to realize how much more we are capable of. Use the simplicity to turn on your own power!

Connections for Familes

builds better connections and more effective communication and relationships. This game helps families to develop more dynamic relationships, orient better solutions and see each member more clearly for who they are... trust in a family is important!

Build Corporations
Team Building, Effective Communication, Better Productivity, Relieves Stress, Creates a "Bigger Picture", Puts more members on the same page, Enhances Moral and Attitude, Improves Creative Thinkng and Strategy Development for better more productive results for everyone.

Level the Playing Field at Schools
An amazing experience for schools to enhance performance, develop cooperation and build emotional intelligence while developing sesnory perception and heightened awareness. It is designed for the student, the teachers, the administration and the parents.

Inspire Communities Beyond the schools, community organizations, business development, government staff and so much more.

For more information or to schedule a presentation or workshop
Contact Lynda Tourloukis, (847) 401-5787

More Information about the Wizzdom Game

Bring a Wizzdom Guide Experience to your organization, school, group, family or friends.
This is a simple game that yields powerful results. Anyone can play... everyone can benefit!

Questions and Contact
Lynda Tourloukis
The Wizzdom Game
(847) 401-5787

The Wizzdom Game Website...














Laughter Yoga
What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga
Certified Leader Training

February 15-16, 2014
Two Days of Joyful Living!

Advanced Laughter
for Laughter Leaders

Continue your Laughter Education
More Than Jest Laughter
Group Coaching for Laughter Leaders
Laugh along with Lynda
Laughter and our psyche
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National Humor Month
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World Laughter Day
Sunday May 4, 2014

The EveryDay Laughter Call

Join us on the Phone...FREE CALL Laugh every day for at least 20 minutes to increase your endorphins (feel great) and lower your cortisol (from stress) levels in the body.

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Laugh and remember how oh so good it feels to simply let go of all the shoulds, coulds and woulds of the world...laugh and let go!


Laugh and realize that you brighten up the room and lighten up your own load. Laugh and the world will laugh with you....laugh and create joy!


Laugh for no reason and you will notice that it is contagious. Everyone around you will want to laugh and you become the most popular person around....laugh and you are free again!



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