We held our 4th Annual Conference!
350 S. Northwest Hwy.
Park Ridge, IL
1/2 block from Chicago Border
Minutes from the O'Hare Airport area

Hilarity for the HoliDAZE
Thriving instead of Surviving your holidays this year!

"There was great energy, enthusiasm, fun, and wonderful new people to meet. The one day worked out well for me and gave me the boost that I needed! Thank you for all the opportunities that you offer to unite our community!"
Faye Minkow, Psychologist, CLYL


"Thank you so much for a rich, informative, creative and laugh-filled day! Every time I "allow" myself to do this work, I am ....beyond glad... It gets the "kinks" out, and continues to expand and enhance the healing process. Looking forward to the next time!"
R. Keays, AT Specialist, CLYL


"I am always amazed at what new information or better way to feel comes out of these gatherings. I want to share this joy with everyone! This was such a great experience for us all, I am so thankful!"
J. Gullo, CLYL



Midwest Laughter Leaders
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Techniques and Tips from the Masters to put more joy in your Body, Mind and Soul

We are rolling out the Purple Carpet
for ultimate Joy this year!

Master Your Mirth

Read our
25 great
to attend...

When the Holidays come rolling in it is a real test for some and a way to grow more joy for others
Whatever your reason, you + laughter makes for Happening Healthier and Happier Holidays

Discover the ways that laughter excites and incites joy in a wholly aligned body-mind-soul effect

Explore and Discover Innovative ways Laughter Excites the Physical Body
with Cynthia Paris
Games, Giggles and experiential exercises designed to help you realize the potential in your body

Learn Tips and Techniques for the Cognitive Mind
with Terri Reasoner
Get a handle on your thought process and amp it up with Joyful Laughter techniques

Unleash the Power of your Emotions with Laughter and be Empowered
with Lynda Tourloukis
A whole new wave of confidence and possibility can be yours through an experiential journey into joyful Living

Delve into your Spiritual Nature and Discover A Real Law of Attraction with Laughter
with David Kelm
Learn more connection internally and externally with experiential laughter to reveal what is spiritual about you


Leave our experience more fully and wholly aligned with who you are and what is G.R.E.A.T. about you
Then take on the family
... Life will take on a whole new edge!

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How Can You Benefit From A Conference on Laughter
You Will feel Great!

And that's not all...

To Connect
You will get together with others who speak your language with ease. You will learn and laugh all over again and remind yourself about what you are doing and why you are doing it.


To Play
We learn that play is essential and then we go get so busy for others that we forget our own play with the people who know us and let our hair down.
We get creative, innovative and playful and all kinds of great things begin to occur.

To Brainstorm
When like minded people get together all kinds of ideas begin to flow, both for collaborative efforts that individuals realize together and for new individual directions and ideas.
To Exercise
Your body, mind and soul. It is a kick up refresher while getting you activated with new techniques and methods to grow with.
To Renew
Refresh your spirit and rejuvenate your soul. Relax and slip into a comfortable pace where learning is fun and leisure is required.

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Lynda Tourloukis

(847) 401-5787

Post Conference

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training
December 1 - 2
Refreshers Welcome

Really make the most out of your attendance!
If you are attending the Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Trainingyour entry into The Laugh Fest of the Midwest is included in your fee!
Do join this training for an exceptional experience of recalling joy for yourself and for sharing it with others too on a professional level that will blow you away.

Facilitated by Lynda Tourloukis, Chicago & the Midwest's most prolific Laughter education specialist, this training will put you on a course of chuckles that will add life to your days in drawing out what you remember about joy, though also incorporate how you can do this with what you are already all about!
Leadership with laughter...it's a hoot!

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25 Great Reasons to Attend

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