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Participant Registration

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Laugh Fest 4 Only $25 before November 1st
after November 1st $35...it pays to be early!

Step One: Registration Information

Happy to have you on board our Laugh Fest in the Midwest! Please fill out our registration for the event and you will be happily on our WooHoo list for the conference. Further details will come via email.

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How did you hear about our Midwest Laugh Fest?
What are you hoping to take away from this conference?
If a Laughter Leader and/or Professional, in what areas do you share laughter with others? Laughter Club At work Youth Teen College Elder Care Special Needs Cancer Groups Support Groups Community Org Corporate Humor Speaking Other
If other, please describe

We look forward to laughing with you at the conference!

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Many thanks for your participation...it won't be a conference without you!

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