A Year of Living and Laughing Well
Begins January 1st!

At the Chicagoland Laugh Fest of 2010 we came away with some new ideals, great opportunities and some fun new connections. One idea that sprang up was a wellness program that dealt with the physical body through nutrition and exercise, another aspect is with the social and emotional roots of well being through a laughter lighten up and coaching initiative and finally entering into the concept of connection through a series of meditation and integrated awareness for the spirit of laughter.

All three concepts are being rolled into an easy format of discovery everyday and brought together on
our daily Laugh Line at Nine am CST. Join us at 9am to create a 365 Day commitment to reaching for joy and then adding your daily affirmation followed by 15 minutes of laughter. Discussion ensues directly after and you go about your day in a better place with a joy focus.

Life gets hard when we make things complicated. Let Go, Laugh and Let it flow and begin to notice the change

1. Listen
2. Create Intention
3. Laugh for at least 15 minutes
4. Do Something

(Share - Journal - Jot- Note - Scribe - Paint - Sing - Move) Daily
Share your journey on our blog!


For those that want to discover more:
we will see how it flows and create a more indepth conversation at a time that works for the group
Join us for the YOU ARE AMAZING WORKSHOP to kick off your year fabulously and with purpose for joy!

Daily 9am CST
A Year Long Program of Life and Laugh Development
Through Letting Go of what doesn't work and Letting In what does

In person Meetings will be held at
350 S. Northwest Hwy - 1st Floor Conference Room
Park Ridge, IL 60068

Questions? (847) 401-5787 Lynda@youcansayyes.com


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