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Today there are over 8,000 Laughter Clubs worldwide in over 80 countries and they are increasing at a rapid rate as more and more people are getting tickled by the notion of focusing on joy and positivity and adding more laughter into their lives is an easy and enjoyable way to get there along with the focus of creating a more oxygenated and healthier body.

The Laughter Clubs began in the east where ancient Buddhists used the practice of Laughing to release attachments. The idea to form a club to Laugh for No Reason came to Dr. Madan Kataria, a medical doctor who was writing an article regarding laughter as the best medicine. He was inspired by Norman Cousins battle with a degenerative form of arthritis that caused him to have severe pain daily. By laughing Cousins found he could be free of medication for a period of time, using it over time to cure himself completely. This intrigued Dr. Kataria who continued to explore and found that by adding the dynamic effects of yogic breathing to the exercises of laughter, the benefit to the mind and body was outstanding.

In India the practice in Laughter Clubs is to begin the day with Laughter and so it is a daily ritual for many. In the United States a laughter club may meet once a week, twice a week or even only once a month. Consistency is the key in attendance to begin to see the difference laughter exercise can make.

15 minutes of exercised laughter gives the body a wonderful cardiac exercise. If done one time, it feels wonderfully relaxing and energizing...though those that create a practice note many more healthy benefits for the mind, body and soul. Like anything you practice... madness or gladness, you will surely create more of it!


A Laughter Club can be made up of all kinds of individuals as it is open to everyone who wants to laugh with others.

What happens in a Laughter Club?

A variety of events can occur though the Laughter Clubs that originate from the Laughter Yoga or World Laughter Tour, include Laughter exercises.

Generally a Leader will begin with simple movement to loosen up the body. Instructions to honor the body and a description of what may take place can be given so participants know what to expect. Clapping in rhythm and sound are added and the exercises of laughter then begin. All exercises are easily adaptable so that everyone can participate whether standing or seated. The laughter exercises continue to get the heart rate elevated and follows with a laughing meditation that is done with the body in a relaxed postion. A guided relaxation is added to ground the experience.

Participants are reminded to rehydrate as they have been exercising, whether it seems like it or not.

Laughter Clubs are found all over the world in community centers, for corporate stress relief, in schools
(Pre school to College) for learning benefits, as part of an organization to reframe attitudes, in many Cancer centers for pain and stress relief, in Medical communities for healthy living practice, in senior living facilities to foster positive attitudes and pain and stress release.

Laughter Clubs are known for their inclusivity
Everyone is welcome and all can participate as the exercises are adjustable and easy and all are encouraged to move at their own pace. There is no right or wrong way to participate and much like life, you get out of it what you put into it.

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Want to set up your own Laughter Club?

Any Group or Organization can benefit
from regular laughter sessions

Organization GroupsBusinesses
Schools - (Preschool- College)Senior Care
Health AffiliationsWellness Centers
Support GroupsFamilies
Fitness and SportsYoga Studios
Communities...and more

Think of a laughter club as a tool for Stress Release or simply releasing the stress through regular practice... going from stressings to blessings. Pain management, more effective breathing, remembering joy, creating a happier focus, becoming more positive in your everyday, this and so much more is what a laughter club can do for any community!

Change your surroundings one laugh at a time!

Call (847) 401-5787 or email today
to get a group started in your area

Want to become a
Leader of Laughter?

Or Just have Questions?
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Illinois/ Chicagoland Laughter Clubs


O'Hare Area
The Park Ridge Hysterical Society

Daily Laughter Calls 9am CST
Meets Weekly Tuesdays at 7:00pm - FREE
350 S. Northwest Hwy Park Ridge, IL
1st Floor Conference Room
Weekly Laughter - Monthly Events - All ages Welcome
Contact Lynda Tourloukis
(847) 401-5787

Mathers More Than A Cafe
(Seniors Only) Tuesdays at 9am
3235 N. Central Ave- $2Fee
Chicago, IL
Contact Sam DiMatteo
(773) 205-3300

Mathers More Than A Cafe
(Seniors Only) Fridays at 10:15am
33 E. 83rd St - $3.25 Fee
Chicago, IL
Leaders: Hondras, Lawrence & Marshall
(773) 488-2801


Oak Park
Lighthearted Laughter Yoga Club

Meets 2nd Tuesday 7:00pm - Free
Meets 4th Wednesday 7:30pm - Free

Mills Park Tower 1025 Pleasant Place Oak Park
Contact - David Kelm


Fox Valley Laughter Yoga Circle
Meets at the Living Well Cancer Resource Center
Open to all - No association with the center required
2nd & 4th Wednesdays from 6-7pm FREE
1803 W. State Street
Geneva, IL
Contact Terri Reasoner
(630) 232-8552

Mathers More Than A Cafe
(Seniors Only) Every Other Friday at 9am
7134. W. Higgins Ave - $2Fee
Chicago, IL
Contact Sam DiMatteo
(773) 774-4804

Vernon Hills
Hoo Ha Laughter Club
1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 7pm
Hawthorn Lakes Retirement Community
10 E Hawthorn Pkwy Vernon Hills, IL
Caryl Derenfeld

Arlington Heights
Arlington Heights Senior Club
Meets 2nd/4th Mondays FREE
1801 W. Central Rd Arlington Heights
Om Johari


Skokie Laughter Club
Meets 4th Saturday at 1pm FREE
Kenton-Knox Building Room #114
9700 Kenton Skokie
(847) 477- 4784
Contact Phyllis Sugar

Laughter Yoga Drop In
Meets third Thursday at 6:30pm
The Present Moment
521 N. Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville, IL
Contact Mary Martin

Hanover Township Senior Center
Meets second Saturday at 10:00am
240 S. Route 59
Bartlett, IL 60103
Contact: Rita Lopienski

Munster, Indiana
Munster Laughter Club
Meets Monthly (different days) 9:30am Fee $5
Munster Social Center
8751 Lions Club Drive
Munster, IN 46321
Contact Tanaz Bamboat
(219) 838-1837

Merrillville, Indiana
Merrillville Laughter Club
Once Monthly (different days) 7pm FREE
Lake County Public Library
1919 W. 81st Ave.
Merrillville , IN 46410
Contact Tanaz Bamboat
(219) 838-1837

Daily Laughter on the Phone
Take a look at our Daily Laughter Page
For those that cannot get out, laughter exercises and practices can be found in the telephone laughter clubs where the fee is FREE, though the call is to an Iowa conference line so long distance is necessary on your phone plan.

Updated March 2012

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