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Testimonials from
Certified Laughter
Leader Trainings
with Lynda Tourloukis




If you want to lose your restraints, worries and inhibitions, you are in the right place! Not only will you get an arsonnel of tools and experiences, but you will leave with all the resources you need to change your life and the life of those around you. Linda will take care of you in every way, she feeds your mind, bodyand soul. This is the place to learn from a master teacher and have fun in the process.
P. Holtzman
Buffalo Grove, IL

This was not at all what I expected, but it was a good thing. It was just the right time in my life as I desperately needed to laugh and find joy, peace and to reconnect with myself to do what I love... making a difference and enhancing the lives of others. The immediate support among other women in the group was amazing. There joy helped me immensly. I stepped out of my comfort zone, learned to play, found stress relief and new challenges to take home. I have new tools to make a difference!
C. Pea
Freelandville, IN

Lynda brings you out of your shell and helps you connect to yourself in a new way. Her warmth and sincerity show through to help everyone feel comfortable. Thank you for such a wonderful weekend! I learned how to laugh again - genuine laughter, I've connected to my better self.
F. White
Libertyville, IL

Lynda is incredibly generous in the value she gives to this training. So much for such a fair price. Don't delay - laugh right away! I gained a strong foundation in my understanding of laughter yoga basics and became inspired to go home and start a Laughter Yoga club and spread more joy I am so STOKED to get started.
L. Alden
Putney, VT

Lynda has excellent non stop energy. She is so good at keeping things on track. It was all just a perfect training. Wow, this is going to a blast to share with others. If it works out I would leave my regular job to help civilization to laugh more. I learned to have fun again as laughing makes life better, easier and more's a blast!
G. Vella
Milwaukee, WI

This trainings was so interesting, exciting, and inspiring while being relaxing and motivating too. It got me so excited for more. I feel inspired to make myself laugh for no reason everyday and I feel inspired to make others laugh for no reason everyday too. I learned something from every aspect of the training. All the information presented was extremely valuable.
T. Freid
Albuqueque, NM

It was an awesome time to get to laugh, to feel confident in learning to laugh. This was an excellent training to learn how to help others to laugh too. By building the confidence in myself to do something new and different, I could help and encourage others.
J. Dickerson
Happy, TX

Lynda brings Laughter Yoga to Life! The vibrancy and energy of this experience is exceptional. The content and exercises give you a foundation to go from. The group sharing and experience gave me a passion for bringing this to my community and the world. Laughter Yoga can really change the world!
J. Warth
Iowa City, IA

Every facet of information was covered thoroughly. All questions were answered informatively and articulately. So many materials were presented beautifully, and we were made to feel very comfortable throughout. I loved every minute and was extremely impressed by Lynda and her presentation skills.
M. Swanson
Rock Falls, IL

I never thought that Laughter would be such a global connecter and after finishing the training with Lynda I am inspired. I was amazed at all she does to not only assist each of us to find the way that works for us individually, but ties it into the group dynamics beautifully. I am astounded at all the opportunities there are for after the class and how generous Lynda is with the materials and ways to keep us connected, so much of what she offers is part of the extension of the class for free...who does that anymore? I now know it is up to me to create the laughter in my community and my life and I am wowed by this experience....long live laughter!
J. Kelstrom, Nevada
Coach for all Seasons

Lynda is an amazing talented and creative Laughter Yoga instructor and incredible person. The preparation, resources, multi media learning techniques were extremely effective. So much material to be inclusive of any which way you wish to utilize the program. Thorough preparation training where Lynda went the "extra mile" for each and every one of us, she made each of us feel very special. Her passion shines through and the genuine support for the Dr. Kataria's mission of the Laughter Yoga movement.
D. Cornille, Illinois
Nurse Practicioner

When I signed up for this training I really didn't know what all to expect. I just knew I needed a change in my life and in my career. I loved Lynda's energy, enthusiasm and committment to others and the process of teaching us how to teach others. I feel confident and inspired to do this on my own. I'm excited to get started. Thank you so much!
V. Williams, Illinois
Social Worker

This is the best experience! You learn to laugh with people and know the difference between laughing with people and laughing at them. Lynda was the best, she made you feel good just for being there and is the most genuine person with the most authentic laughter ever! I would reccomend this course for anyone who wants to feel good and know more about Laughter Yoga and the many benefits.
S. Jolley, Illinois
Medical Coding

Lynda was a terrific teacher. She is knowledgeable with wonderful energy and inspirational. This opened my eyes to how many ways laughter yoga can be used to help and heal peoples lives! Whether it be seniors, children, teens or those in between it is for all ages. Laughter is truly the best medicine!
S. Frangos, Illinois
Nutritional Health Counselor

If you want to spread joy into your life and others - this is your training! I am thankful for turning on the laughter and appreciative for the help in remembering how to is a great thing! I am so glad to have discovered this process to help my own well being and to spread the joy to others.
T. Reasoner, Illinois

Laughter Yoga has opened my eyes to a whole new way of caring for my whole being. This training experiences has freed me from my neck and shoulder pain which has been chronic for the last five years.
K. Kron , Wisconsin

The Training was very fun, informative and I came away with a ton of energy! It is such a healthy experience and anyone who takes this course will realize the wonderful importance and how healthy laughter yoga really is!
D. Nelson, Illinois
Health and Cleansing

Laughter Yoga training is a wonderful experience. We were taught how to do the laughter exercises as well as what to do with the knowledge to lead clubs and classes or presentations to groups and more. I am so excited about using this newfound knowlege.
G. Gaura, Illinois

I am leaving this training feeling very well prepared to start and lead a laughter yoga club in my town. I very much value the support that will be there after the training ends for future needs.
H. Homerding, Illinois
Massage Therapist

I am challenged with standing for long periods of time from joint stiffness, wrist, hand and fingers. Within the first session I could feel the difference. My knee pain of many years went away! The handouts, CD's and videos as well as Laughable Lynda's toys, games and treats reminded me that the childlike playfulness is beneficial and healthy.
V.LoneSky, Michigan
Labyrinth Facilitator and Legal Aide

The training was excellent and very thorough. Lynda is able to convey a great deal of information and make it entertaining and fun at the same time. Anyone who takes this training will leave with the confidence and material to lead a presentation and carry with them forever after the immense value of laughter.
J. Landfield, Illinois

I had much more energy just after the 1st day. I didn't feel I had to participate if I didn't want to in the group and learned that honoring my body was important and not to worry about feeling guilty. I felt at ease because I allowed myself to laugh with myself without any judgement!
K. Beeninng, Illinois
Art Teacher, Independent Artist

Laugher is the best medicine! This was great and learning the combination of laugher with the yoga, the benefits and all the wonderful exercises are wonderful. I liked how it incorporated the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. We were given so much resource material to help us get started.
J. Carpenter, Illinois

This training is a giggle a minute. You'll feel equipped on how to make the world a more joyful place one laugh at a time!
C. Koehler-Wright, Iowa

This training was helpful in getting loose and increasing positive mental health. It was great! I learned a lot to put into practice. I found the hands on experiences with the laughter in the park and the time with the seniors most valuable.
N. Tolbert-Banks, Indiana
Life Coach

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